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The Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) Muscle & Structure Frequency Series was the start of my work with Vibroacoustic Therapy Frequencies. In 2004, I designed the "Spinal" Vibrational Therapy Frequencies for Vibroacoustic Therapy or VAT. A chiropractor had shared with me his research into the resonant frequencies of the spinal vertebrae. Keeping the base frequency of each vertebra which were above 200 HZ as a minor component, I added sub-harmonics into the mix so they could be felt in any brand of vibroacoustic equipment. The outcome was more than expected. The resounding feedback was similar. Clients were finding that after experiencing the Spinal Vibroacoustic Therapy Frequencies, muscles were relaxed, and adjustments fell into place with the simple manipulation of movement and stretching. In many cases alleviating minor aches and pain. Please click on to our blog read more. 
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