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Chris Deuel

Chris Deuel

Chris Deuel has over a decade of experience composing music for vibroacoustic playback systems. He is a certified sound healer, having studied at The Globe Institute in San Francisco. Chris further honed his craft through studying composition at SUNY Fredonia and University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where he was exposed to contemporary approaches to making music. He also holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Buffalo State College. Chris specializes in creating sonic journeys that blend previously disparate genres into a coherent expression of emotion. His music is intended to be the soundtrack to the listener’s ever deepening journey towards self-realization. 

Chris does VAT Music projects for individuals and more. If you are interested in a special creation, contact Chris -

"I wanted to thank you and your son for all you are doing for humanity and for the change we are all looking towards for a beautiful future. I have been working with the VAT for a couple of months now with Souls who have suffered horrendous abuse.  The combination of this beautiful facility and the table is changing peoples' lives in ways that the staff and patients never thought possible.
After using the PTSD frequency, patients are asking to use Stars Become Portals... and Inner Peace etc. and being transported into absolute bliss where the music is giving them a magical glimpse into "anything is possible".  It is almost as if your son Chris is able to channel music from the Angelic Realms to give our patients hope that they are worthwhile human beings.  They are feeling a connection through the music to connect their Mind, Body and Soul. He certainly is a genius.  Your son, Stephen, is a truly beautiful Soul who is able to connect with some part of himself to bring together his extraordinary Heavenly Music." - E.Garrison