Messages From The Sound Current - Vibroacoustic Music

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This 60 (and 50) minute composition was created for Sound Tables, Sound Lounges and Chairs and other Vibroacoustic equipment by Chris Deuel.  

"Messages From The Sound Current is an hour-long journey intended to uplift and heal anyone who experiences it. expansive soundscapes gently entrance the listener while precisely crafted bass sounds resonate the physical body with a heartfelt intention. As the journey progresses, the mind calms and the inner cosmic hum gradually becomes more audible. By the end of the composition, a consonant and blissful state engulfs the listener. This gentle music is perfect for any practitioner who wants to deepen their client's state of peace with the aid of vibroacoustic music! A 50 minute version of this track is also available upon download."- Chris 

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Messages from the Sound Current © Chris Deuel 2022

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