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A Journey of Discovery

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I discovered the power of vibroacoustic healing when I was in high school almost 10 years ago. Navigating my senior year at a new school and the college process left me struggling with anxiety and depression.

Eventually my dad convinced me to try "the table." And every single night after that, I'd fall asleep on the table before going to bed. It was comforting, supportive and magical. It didn't matter how stressed I was before laying on the table. After the table session, I always felt deeply relaxed and slept so soundly through the night.

Using the table regularly allowed me to transition into a healthy sleep pattern, which had a positive impact on my mood, focus and just about everything else. I was able to make positive lifestyle changes especially with diet and exercise.

I realized how consistently tired and sleep deprived I'd been. Being tired all the time can be miserable, but it was the norm for me for a lot of my childhood and teen years. I didn't realize how much the lack of sleep affected me until I started to get proper rest. As someone who struggles to wind down at night and practice a healthy sleep routine, the table has been a life saver.

I'm grateful for my dad's work and to be part of a family that values healing and self-discovery. I still use vibroacoustics to support my sleep and am grateful I've had access to these healing and supportive vibroacoustic pieces throughout my life so far.



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Celebrating 60 - Using the VAT Endocrine track

In July, I turned 60 and the past year has been exceptionally challenging on a physically level, [...]

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Power over Parkinson's 2

I was watching a new documentary last night from the Connecticut Public Television website (stream-on -demand is available) - "Power over Parkinson's 2". Among other things, it tells of some excellent resultsusing Vibroacoustics and Sound Tables with People with Parkinson's. We created the InnerSoul Liquid Sound Table, VAT Music and Frequencies that were used in [...]

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"Vibroacoustics - Harmonize Your Life with Sound" book is now available as a free ebook download

"Vibroacoustics - Harmonize Your Life with Sound" by Stephen Deuel ContentsSection 1A Sound Way to Enhance Quality of Life What is Vibroacoustics? How does Vibroacoustics work? My Personal Journey Vibration and Frequencies A Brief History of Vibroacoustics Vibroacoustic Music Section 2Experiences Speak Volumes Stress & Pain Management Therapeutic Modalities Harp Therapy Practitioner and Client Experiences Other [...]

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BIG Liquid Sound Table for Phoenix Cardinals Football...

I have been working on a Big Liquid Sound Table today. It is going to be nearly 7' (2.13 meters) long to accommodate the large men of the Phoenix Cardinals Professional Football team. The enhanced vibroacoustic delivery system of our Liquid Sound Table will be excellent for aiding recovery time, pain management and dealing with [...]

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First Responders on the Liquid Sound Table

A few First Responders from Tripwire Operations Group visited Tournesol in NYC to check out the Vibroacoustic Liquid Sound Table. They uploaded a video of their experiences. They experienced the difference - Stress, PTSD... Check it out -

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Didgeridoo and Sound Table Studio in Vermont

I worked with Pitz Quatrone of Berlin, VT to create his Sound Table for his new Didgeridoo Vibroacoustic Studio.Didgeridoo player brings good vibes to Berlin from 802 Live on Vimeo. Here is a link to the article in the Barre Montpelier TimesArgus paper:  http://tinyurl.com/ho2ay2f http://pitzquattrone.com/

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What are Vibroacoustic Resonant Frequencies with Subharmonics?

Today I completed three new VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy) tracks. They are made to address back issue dealing with pulled, stiff or spastic muscles due to exertion, injury or muscle disorders, like my wife’s Dystonia. They contain the resonant frequencies and subharmonics of muscles and vertebrae of the Upper, Middle and Lower Back. My wife, Deborah, has a muscle [...]

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Origin of The Muscle & Structure VAT Frequencies

Origin of The Muscle & Structure Frequencies – Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT)The Muscle & Structure Frequency Series was the start of my work with Vibroacoustic Frequencies. In 2004, I designed the Spinal Vibrational Frequencies for Vibroacoustic Therapy or VAT. A chiropractor had shared with me his research into the resonant frequencies of the spinal vertebrae. Keeping the base frequency of [...]

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More than a Business … It’s a Calling … It is our Lifestyle.

More than a Business … It’s a Calling … It is our Lifestyle.On our website, we have our story as to how we got involved with making sound tables. We talk about how vibroacoustics has helped Deborah deal with the pain and spasms of having Dystonia and how it became a business. Recently we shared the statement that [...]

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