Breaking New Ground with Vibroacoustic Therapy Frequencies

In recent years, Vibroacoustic Therapy Frequencies, or VAT Frequencies, have introduced a groundbreaking dimension to sound healing. Everything around us has its own frequency, and when these frequencies are run through transducers, they produce a form of vibrational sound. This sound is then transmitted through specialized transducers into the body, creating a resonance that aligns with the body's natural frequencies and provides a balancing, harmonizing effect.

My journey into this fascinating field began when Olav Skille, a pioneer in vibroacoustics since the 1970s first contacted me in 2003.Eager to learn more, I followed his original protocols, using my wife as our first case study. We were thrilled to observe a significant reduction in her muscle spasm activity. These promising results spurred me to dive deeper into research. I discovered a comprehensive database containing frequencies for various elements and body parts. This invaluable resource allowed me to create digital files specifically targeting muscles and muscle groups using these resonant frequencies.

Our next step was to collaborate with our massage therapist who had a hydraulic lift sound massage table, custom-built by me. Together, we developed specialized tracks designed to address chronic issues like shoulder pain, knee problems, and lower back discomfort. The results we saw were truly inspiring, further validating the potential of this therapy.

Today, we're excited to offer a range of Vibroacoustic Frequencies along with Christopher Deuel's original Vibroacoustic Music specifically designed for spiritual growth and inner travel. These tracks, when played through sound tables, are nothing short of amazing. They may be played in our Liquid Sound Tables or in your vibroacoustic devices.