Extensive research is coming out every month in peer reviewed journals and in research articles showing the positive effects of vibroacoustic therapy (VAT). 

VAT therapy has been used in clinical settings around the world for many years.
Listed below you will find various conditions that you can google to find extensive information on line.

   - Vibration Therapy: Can Reduce Fibromyalgia, Chronic Head & Neck Pain
    -Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Improves Pain Management

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

   - MS sufferers feel the benefits of vibration and relief of symptoms  
    -Vibroacoustic Therapy: Sound Vibrations in Medicine

Parkinson’s Disease

    -Rush University’s Research Vibration Therapy for PD Study
    -The Effects of Sound Wave Vibration Therapy on Motor Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease
    -The effects of whole-body-vibration exercises in Parkinson’s disease


    -Vibroacoustic Therapy and Insomnia,Depression, and Anxiety
    -Vibroacoustic Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    -Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Improves Pain Management and CFS
    -Whole-Body Vibration Within Specified Frequency Range Provides Pain Relief
    -Effectiveness of Vibroacoustic Music for Pain and Symptom Management in Outpatient Chemotherapy Treatment

Chronic Neck and Back Pain, Arthritis

    -Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Improves Pain Management, Back Pain, and Widespread Musculoskeletal Pain
    -Effects of a low-frequency sound wave therapy

Post Stroke Rehabilitation

      -The effects of sound based vibration treatment on the human mind and body

The Physioacoustic Method

       -Marco KARKKAINEN, Joji MITSUI
Fysakos clinic (Lahti, Finland), Next Wave Japan office (Ichikawa, Japan)

       -Abstract: According to clinical experiences with the PA (Physioacoustic) Method and research about vibroacoustic therapy, it is considered that PA-stimulation is transmitted through sensory nerves to the brain and the stimulation acts on the central nervous system, motor nerves, autonomous nerves and endocrine system to calm down the mind/body. On the psychological side, PA-stimulation is clearly effective towards anxiety, depression, and insomnia and it sometimes mitigates epileptic symptoms. In an EEG study on PA-stimulation done by the psychologist Petri Lehikoinen, the experimental subject was in a deep relaxed state and the amplitudes of the brain waves were decreased in all ranges. These phenomena suggest the possibility that PA-stimulation has an effect on the action of GABA, an inhibition neurotransmitter.

      -Vibroacoustic sound therapy reduces symptoms of ADD/ADHD in children with profound and multiple learning difficulties and the elderly in long-term residential care.


    -Vibroacoustic Therapy: Sound Vibrations in Medicine and relieving Asthma symptoms


    -The Effect of VAT and Music on Headaches


    -Vibroacoustic therapy calms and reduces cravings of addiction


    -Vibroacoustic music has positive effects on challenging behaviors in individuals with autism and developmental disabilities

Rett Syndrome

   - Music and vibroacoustic stimulation in people with Rett syndrome – a neurophysiological study
   - Wigram, T. Vibroacoustic therapy in the treament of Rett Syndrome. In T. Wigram & C. Dileo (Eds.), Music vibration and health). Cherry Hill, NJ: Jeffrey Books, 1997;149-155.
    -Wigram, T. & Cass, H. The role of music therapy in a clinic for children and adults with Rett Syndrome. Paper presented to the BSMT Conference, London, 1995.
    -Autonomic responses to music and vibroacoustic therapy in Rett Syndrome

Pressure Ulcers (Bed Sores)

    -Vibroacoustic Therapy: Sound Vibrations in Medicine and Ulcers


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Effects of vibroacoustic music on challenging behaviors in individuals with autism and developmental disabilities

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Case Studies with Children with Profound and Multiple Learning
Difficulties and the Elderly in Long-Term Residential Care

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Evidence from assessment that can identfy the expectations of music therapy as a treatment for Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD): meeting the challenge of Evidence Based Practice.

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Joshua Leeds. published by Healing Arts Press. (c) 2001

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