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Celebrating 60 - Using the VAT Endocrine track

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In July, I turned 60 and the past year has been exceptionally challenging on a physically level, as well as emotionally and mentally. I was taking hit, after hit, after hit for two years with a series of events that individually would rank at the top of any stressful situations list. The result of which had left me recovering from severe chronic stress fatigue and the worst pain and lack of muscle control with the Dystonia, I have ever experienced. This time a year ago, I felt more like 80 and the stress was obvious. Of course, I use various Vibroacoustic Frequencies and they helped with reducing the pain and releasing the stress.
I understand that life for many is not an easy journey. We all have a path designed for our own growth and exploration. There are times growing up that we struggle to understand the challenges we face. As many of you know, I have dealt with a muscle movement disorder called Dystonia, since I was 10 years old. A challenge that has led me through an incredible life path. Even as a child, I was a glass half full person, determined to have as normal a life as possible. I have always persevered. I am pleased with my recovery, not only the physical improvements but the emotional and mental changes as well. While reflecting on the different frequencies I’ve used over the years, I decided to share one of my favorites from my recent experience. The Endocrine System Frequencies from the Human Body Series has been a prominent one I have used for the past year and the results are amazing. Here are my thoughts as to why.
Getting older, like it or not, does mean changes take place that can be frustrating. After all, the way our bodies could handle one stressful scenario after another and still eat whatever we felt like eating while multi-tasking the heck out of our day when we were in our 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s, just isn’t going to happen now. As we age, we need to nourish and support vital aspects of our body’s systems that naturally deplete with time and with the stress load of a hectic full life. No amount of fancy face cream was hiding the face in the mirror. One day I realized that due to the current round of pain and muscle issues, the Endocrine System Frequencies I used once a week for years had been shuffled down the list and forgotten about for several months.
Women and men over 50 need to check this out. The Endocrine System frequencies address the pineal, pituitary, parathyroid, thymus, adrenal glands and the pancreas. It also allows you to choose the ovaries or the gonads as well. The frequencies are designed to balance and strengthen these glands. I had been aware of the need to supplement my adrenals from the stress my physical body has had to deal with due to the Dystonia. However, several years ago I learned that as we age all these glands can become less productive and efficient. It just made sense for me to add this series of frequencies as part of my regular routine. When my life went into crisis after crisis mode and other pain related issues took priority, the regular use of the Endocrine Frequencies had fallen out of practice. It was the face in the mirror that suggested I reevaluate my healing regiment. Even though I had been feeling so much better, you wouldn’t know it from looking at me. So, I reintroduced the use of the Endocrine System frequencies, this time on a daily basis.
It was about 3 weeks later when I notice the years were disappearing from that face in the mirror. And yes, I was also aware that I had released a lot of the pain and shifted belief patterns the past few months around my stressors; but the improvement was too incredible to not give credit to the addition of these frequencies. Like most humans, once a wonderful more youthful appearance had returned, I then started to cut back the use of these frequencies. Within a couple of weeks, I saw the old lady creeping back. So, I increased the usage to every other day and proved to myself the improvement was related to these frequencies.
I have grown and healed so much in this past year that now my focus is on finding a more age appropriate balanced lifestyle for going forward. I am embracing the wonderful changes that come with being 60 and love not looking or feeling it. Day by day I am creating a lifestyle that will allow me to enjoy my wisdom years with grace and vitality …. and the continued use of the Endocrine System Frequencies.
No matter what life throws at you, it will also show you how to change and grow. My wish for everyone is the ability to embrace change and to become excited about your life going into 2020.
Smiles, laughter and love,
Deborah Deuel

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