Celestial Caverns - Vibroacoustic Music

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This 60 minute composition was created for Sound Tables, Sound Lounges and Chairs and other Vibroacoustic equipment by Chris Deuel.  

"Celestial Caverns - Enjoy A full hour-long journey through a collection of carefully crafted ambient tracks that seamlessly flow in and out of one another. Expect beautiful harmonic spaces to coalesce into one another, as tension gives way to a calming resonant field that envelops your body and mind. 

 The sounds used for this journey were each handcrafted using hardware synthesizers. They range from majestic, to bold and vivacious. Taken together, they form a tapestry of interesting soundscapes which are perfect for meditation, self healing, reiki and massage."- Chris 

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Celestial Caverns ©℗ Chris Deuel 2023

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