A Temple in the Sky - Vibroacoustic Music

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This 15:33 minute composition was created for Sound Tables, Sound Lounges and Chairs and other Vibroacoustic equipment by Chris Deuel.  

"This track was inspired by a shared vision I had with a close friend while hiking along the Niagara Gorge. As we moved along the side of the river, we both glimpsed what appeared to us as a crystalline temple floating above the water. While writing this music, I imagined what the journey into this etheric structure might be like. My hope is that this music will help us travel into an inner-space that is more open than our current surroundings." - Chris

 "I am listening to the magical and beautiful sounds of Temple in The Sky. As all Chris ‘s music will transport you. This envelopes you in a sphere of safety, balance and sheer magic.  Please thank Chris for me. As I climbed the stairs to my office this morning a patient getting off the table in tears saying she finally hears and believes she has a life. She is worthy and is finally getting her life back." Elizabeth G.

A Temple in the Sky © Chris Deuel 2020

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