Deep Inner Peace - Vibroacoustic Music

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Deep Inner Peace - Vibroacoustic Music

Created and optimized for Sound Tables, Sound Lounges and Chairs and other Vibroacoustic equipment by Chris Deuel and Inner Soulutions.    

Deep Inner Peace was designed as Vibroacoustic Music. Blended in soft low levels to provide an intimate environment that is less likely to be heard by those in other rooms, such as during a massage. The tuning for the track is 432 Hz.

Excellent for stress relief, massage, meditation, and muscle relaxation.

Composer Chris Deuel writes "Deep Inner Peace was inspired by the vision to produce a piece of music that induces healing and tranquility through the use of pure sounds and love inspired melodies. Musically engineered specifically to take advantage of the unique energy field that is produced by sound tables. The sounds are mixed  in a way that is clearly evident to the body that this is not just a piece of music intended to be listened to in headphones, but rather a soothing symphony of vibration intended to envelop you in light and sound revealing to you your inner brilliance! Ultimately, may this music transport you to a Deep Inner Peace." 

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Inner Allignment © Inner Soulutions 2014

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