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“Inner Alignment – Creating Coherence”

Vibroacoustic Music - A 15 minute Energy Center clearing and alignment. This track was created for Sound Tables and other Vibroacoustic equipment by Chris & Stephen Deuel and Inner Soulutions.


This musical piece was created with the intention to promote coherence among the major and minor energy centers, from the Earth Star to the Stellar Gateway.
The ancient Tibetan bowl (played by Stephen) and the other generated sounds (created by Chris) clear and resonantly tune and align this sequence of energy centers to allow for their highest functioning. It allows for coherence, not only between the head (logic) and the heart (emotions), but throughout the entire energetic field that we are.


The Energy Centers that are stimulated in this piece to be cleared and balanced are the same energy centers that Stephen works with in his Vibrational TechnologiesTM sessions.


The Earth Star – An energy center located below the feet and is an energy center associated with being the grounding point of the whole chakra system, connecting us to the earth energy grids.


The Feet – An energy center that allows the energy to flow from the Divine through all the chakras down into the earth for grounding.


The Knees – An energy center located in both knees facilitates the flow of energy throughout our field. allowing us to remain open to new information.


The Omega Energy Center  –  Refers to an energetic center used as a “Communication Center” that Stephen accesses to activate sacred energetic geometries in the energetic field.
This is one of two communication energy centers that are accessed/activated in the Energetic Sacred Geometry Workshop TM Stephen developed to enhance awakening. The second one is the  Alpha Energy Center mentioned below.

Root Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Heart Chakra

“The Bridge” – Stephen became aware of this energy center in early 2000 while doing energetic healing work. Located between the heart and throat chakra, he referred to this is area as the “bridge” as it correlated to a point on the physical body  that connected or bridged the lower series of energy centers of the mental or conscious plane, to the etheric or subconscious plane of the higher energetic centers. It also has a relationship to the thymus gland in the body as well as the endocrine system. Commonly referred to today as the High Heart.

Throat Chakra

3RD Eye Chakra

Crown Chakra

The Alpha Energy CenterThe second of the communication energy centers (mentioned above) located between the Crown chakra and the 8th chakra and used in the anchoring and activating sacred energetic geometries within the energetic field.

8th or Soul Star Chakra – This is a gateway to the higher dimensions and connection to ones Higher Self.


Having been involved with Sound Healing since the mid 1980’s, I became aware that having the Chakras and energy centers operating in balance was primary not only to our healing but to our awakening and ascension processes as well. I use this Inner Alignment – Creating Coherence track quite often, either on our Liquid Sound Table or sitting in the Sound Chair. It is excellent when I only have 15 minutes and know that I need to get centered. It is my go-to track. It is also wonderful for creating balance and relaxation as a lead in for a variety of healing modalities and meditation practices.- Stephen Deuel

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Inner Allignment © Inner Soulutions 2014

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