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Violet Flame Meditation

"Violet Flame Meditation is one of the best I have ever heard or experienced in the sound therapy genre.I lay down on the table, put it on and pretty much immediately I effortlessly slipped into a deep meditative state just from hearing the beautiful music and the vibrations. I was kind of astounded really because I usually have a hard time shutting down my "mind chatter” and it takes me longer but from the get go with this music I was deep and going deeper into my highest self. As I relaxed more and more into it a very clear channel opened up for me to higher guidance and I felt I received some really wonderful messages…I could literally feel light beings in the room with me giving me healing energy, love and light…and also clear communication. Violet Flame Meditation is probably the most beautiful music I have ever heard….and it brought me to such a place of peace and love…thank you so much for the wonderful  gifts you share!" J.G

"Just a footnote Stephen. I put two Trauma patients on Liquid Sound table using Violet Flame and they both were "rocked gently in euphoric peace" they said. They had no idea what to expect. We are in the most peaceful place and feel safe and happy they reported.
I am so touched by their feelings of safety and sense of peace.
I am returning tomorrow to use it again. Tell Chris he is providing so many with a sense of excitement of the possibilities now ahead of them. No fear.
Thank you ☺️" Elizabeth G.

This 16 minute CD was created for Sound Tables, Sound Lounges and Chairs and other Vibroacoustic equipment by Chris Deuel and Inner Soulutions.

Violet Flame Meditation - This track was created with the intent of forming a sonic representation of the violet flame. It is attuned to the sacred temple of the violet flame in the etheric realm and acts as a bridge between the physical and higher dimensions. When used in conjunction with vibroacoustic technology, a powerful resonant field is formed around the body which allows the transmuting energies of the violet ray to be more easily accessed and worked with. This music can help attune you to the healing violet energies of St. Germaine and help relax the body and mind, so that any energies which no longer serve you can be transmuted into a more favorable attribute.

Violet Flame Meditation was featured in Raquel Spencer's Boundless Foundations Class.

Music, Tibetan Bowls and Tibetan Bells. Created and Optimized for Sound Tables.

Click to download a 3 minute mp3 sample: Violet Flame Meditation Sample

Violet Flame Meditation © Inner Soulutions 2015

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