Sound Massage Table Retrofit Kit - 2 Transducers

Inner Soulutions
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  • 2 ea. New Technology Transducers, retrofit mounting plates, necessary bolts and nuts.
  • 4 Ohm Stereo Amplifier
  • Fitting and wiring instructions 
  • I will make myself available to consult with you for your particular Sound Table application - Stephen
  • 3 of our Vibroacoustic Music (VAM) MP3(or Flac or M4a) and 4 of our Freqency MP3s.
  • download a pdf list of our available VAT Frequencies and Music Tracks
  • $949. Shipping included in US
    For shipping outside US, we will email costs to you.

Optional Audio Packages:

HiDef Player Audio Package includes:
Fiio HD player, 16gb micro SD Card, Shure 440 Headphones, Headphone Amp, 5 extra Frequency Tracks (Your choice of 9 VAT Frequencies and 3 VAT Music tracks) plus necessary patchchords and setup instructions.  add $450
Tablet Audio Package plus all 49 MP3, FLAC or M4a  - add $940

----- A mixer allows for any music to be mixed with VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy) Frequencies. It allows you to control the level of the frequencies as well as the level of of the music. It also allows for headphones to be used for music while music and frequencies are playing in your Sound Table.

Mixer Audio Package  allows you to play VAT Frequencies along with any type of music at the same time. Package includes:
Two Channel Mixer, 2 ea., Fiio HD players, 2 ea. 16gb micro SD Card, Shure 440 Headphones, 11 extra Frequency Tracks (Your choice of 15 Total) plus necessary patch chords and setup instructions. up instructions. add $620
Mixer Audio Package plus all 49 MP3s, FLAC or M4a  - add $984

Mixer alone
(with patchcords and setup info) add $120

All 49 MP3s, FLAC or M4a  - add $536

Other transducer combinations are available. Please contact us if you would like to customize you table with more transducers.