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  • Liquid Sound Table at Vive Float Studio
  • Liquid Sound Table at Vive Float Studio
  • Liquid Sound Table - Vibroacoustic Table
  • Liquid Sound Table

InnerSoul Tranquility Liquid Sound Table


    InnerSoul Tranquility Liquid Sound Table

    The Liquid Sound Table is our most popular product. Please checkout the Reviews on the Review Tab.

    Ultimate Liquid Sound Bed or Meditation Table for Personal use and Vibroacoustic Therapy Treatments

    Why the Liquid Sound Vibroacoustic Table? - Click for article on our Blog

    WNBC - NYC - News report - Veterans and Vibroacoustic Liquid Sound Tables in the News - Click for video

    PBS Documentary (March 2019) - POWER OVER PARKINSON’S 2 - https://cptv.org/power-over-parkinsons-2/ - Part of this documentary features Vibroacoustics as one of our Liquid Sound Tables, VAT Frequencies and VAT Music are used with a person with Parkinson's who surprises herself with what has been accomplished in 3 weeks of VAT Therapy.

    Pictures above (gray sheets on table) are from Vive Float Studio

    "Hi Stephen, (It is a) lovely vibroacoustic Liquid Sound table you created for me...  It really is remarkable and so much better than the (other manufacturer's) portable one I bought. I use your table daily, something I could not do on the portable without causing pain. The liquid cushion makes all the difference (I knew it would). I have included a link to my website if anyone is looking for a session. Gratefully, Pam LaFrance" (W. Newbury, MA). Cadence Musical Massage

     "The Liquid Sound table is awesome. Thanks for it.  It is doing everything you said it would do. I also wanted you to know that John, my fiancé, used to build wooden boats in his earlier life, and told me to tell you that you don’t charge enough. He was extremely impressed with the table and can’t believe the thought and care taken to build and ship it." - Laurie Bailey-Gates, MA

    The liquid in the Liquid Sound Vibroacoustic Tables delivers the sound frequencies five to six times faster than through the air or foam on a normal vibroacoustic sound massage table. The frequencies spread out very quickly and efficiently throughout the water in the vibroacoustic bed and are incredibly smooth with our advanced technology transducers. This allows you to become one with the sound and vibration. I have not found another delivery system for transferring sound or vibroacoustic therapy frequencies or vibroacoustic music to the body that come close to being this effective. It is almost like being suspended weightlessly in vibratory sound. - Stephen Deuel

     Long before I started building sound tables in 1999, I was having dreams of being in this wonderful serene room standing next to a healing table. In these dreams, I would be doing some form of energy and sound healing work on someone and sometimes just working with the table. The room felt like it was part of a larger, sacred building or temple... Click to read more


    Created for YOU in the USA using US grown hardwood.
    Padded soft vinyl(PU) sides to contain the custom 4” liquid bladder
    Shelf Base to hold the included Amplifier(s)
    2 or 3 High End New Technology Transducers positioned using Sacred Geometric formula, as we have done with all of our Sound Tables since we started creating them in the 1990's. Our original setup with 2 transducers works very, very well since the liquid transmits the vibrations quickly and efficiently. After numerous requests for a 3 transducer model, we have developed an excellent 3 transducer model as well (add $550).
    Dimensions: 76”(l) x 35”(w) x 24”(h) - (Option up to 82" length - please contact us)
    Optional Hydraulic Lift: 10” height adjustment  (25” – 35”) add $1000
    Weight: Table without Water and Hydraulic Lift: 70 lbs.
    o   Table with Hydraulic Lift: 96 lbs.
    o   4 “ custom liquid bladder adds 300 lbs. when filled
    o   300 lbs recommended max client weight

    o   Your choice of 4 of our VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy) Frequency CDs. (or download a pdf list of our available VAT Frequencies and Music Tracks)
    Choose from the Pain Management, Human Body, Muscle & Structural or Energy and Balancing Series of VAT Frequency CDs.
    o   Our Conscious Flight, Deep Inner Peace and Inner Alignment Vibroacoustic Music CDs (VAM) are also included.

    Sound Tables need an amplifier (included) and a sound source (or two) such as a CD player, Ipad or other tablet, Ipod or mp3 player, Iphone, Android phone, laptop or desktop computer, etc.

    Your Liquid Sound Vibroacoustic Table allows you to feel the sound throughout your body as well as producing audible sound which wraps around and cocoons you. It does not have to be loud for you to feel it (although it can be loud if you like). The setup can be as simple as your Sound Table, an amplifier and an Ipod. Your system can grow over time. Headphones, while not necessary, can be used to isolate you when you are on the Sound Table - so you aren't interrupted. A Stereo or Surround Sound system may also be used in conjunction with your Sound Table. We have experience with many different configurations and will share our expertise, if you ask.

    Tablet Audio Package includes:
    Fiio HD player, 16gb micro SD Card, Shure 440 Headphones, Headphone Amp, 5 extra Frequency Tracks (Your choice of 9 VAT Frequencies and 3 VAT Music tracks) plus necessary patchchords and setup instructions.  add $450
    Tablet Audio Package plus all 49  MP3s, FLAC or M4p loaded on SD card  - add $940

    ----- A mixer allows for any music to be mixed with VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy) Frequencies. It allows you to control the level of the frequencies as well as the level of of the music. It also allows for headphones to be used for music while music and frequencies are playing in your Sound Table.

    Mixer Audio Package  allows you to play VAT Frequencies along with any type of music at the same time. Package includes:
    Two Channel Mixer, 2 ea. Fiio HD players, 2 ea. 16gb micro SD Card, Shure 440 Headphones, 11 extra Frequency Tracks (Your choice of 15 Total) plus necessary patch chords and setup instructions. up instructions. add $620
    Mixer Audio Package plus all 49 MP3s, FLAC or M4p loaded on SD cards  - add $984

    Mixer alone
    (with patchcords and setup info) add $120

    All 49 cds or MP3s, FLAC, M4p  - add $536

    Audio Packages available in US and Canada only due to 120 voltage. Sound Tables are not voltage dependent and will work worldwide.
    If outside the US, we can recommend to you where to purchase the proper audio equipment locally.

    Wood for the Table Base

    We have always used Oak with a natural finish - that is our standard table base.
    We have Options: Cherry - add $150, Cherry with your choice of dark stain - add $235, Natural Walnut - add $250
    We create these for you after you order, here in Niagara Falls, NY - we can work with you.




    Shipping to continental US destinations included. Inside delivery available at added cost.
    Personalized installation and training by Stephen Deuel may also be available.

    Please contact us regarding shipping outside the Continental US.


    All of our Vibroacoustic Liquid Sound Tables are custom built for You.
    Please allow 5 – 6 weeks for us to create your Liquid Sound Vibroacoustic Table.

    InnerSoul Liquid Sound Tables - www.InnerSoulutions.com (06:18)
    Creating the InnerSoul Liquid Sound Table - Stephen Deuel, Managing Director of InnerSoulutions LLC - www.vibroacoustic.org and www.InnerSoulutions.com - Talks a bit about his start in Sound Healing in the mid 1980s, motivation, Vibroacoustics and VIbroacoustic Therapy - or VAT - and delight that he is able to pursue right livelihood in a way that "Let's his Heart Sing".
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    1. Wonderful Truly Healing  star rating

      Posted by Rori Hawkins on 11th Jun 2019

      We love our Tranquillity Liquid Sound Table. My husband and I use it daily and have found it remarkably effective in easing muscle strains and aiding in meditation. It has also been an incredible tool for helping our son with his panic attacks-5 minutes on the table with the “deep inner peace” program completely calms him down without the need for any medication. The table is very well made and the communication with Inner Soulutions has always been prompt, professional and very kind.

    2. Immersed in sound  star rating

      Posted by Steve F. on 15th Dec 2016

      Workmanship on the table is excellent, nice looking and very sturdy. Setup was not difficult and it has been wonderful trying out all the different treatments, including some of my own creations. It is like taking a bath in sound, the best way I have found so far to really experience sound vibration.

    3. Solid product with fantastic support  star rating

      Posted by Deborah on 15th Nov 2016

      The liquid sounnd table is solid and well built product. I am very pleased with the quality and the construction materials. This is the second table I bought from the company. I also have the portable folding sound table with which I am very happy. In addition, I am extremely grateful to Stephen as right after I ordered and paid for the table, I had a finacial disaster and could not finsh the home I was constructing where I was going to use the table. The company held on to the table for two years until I could get back on my feet again and have a roof to put it under. That is true customer support!

    4. Premier Vibroacoustic Tool  star rating

      Posted by Deb Wellmes on 26th Jan 2016

      I received my Tranquility Liquid Sound Table™ about a month ago and cannot begin to express how pleased I am with this product! This table really takes the Vibroacoustic experience to a whole different level. For many years I had been using one of Stephen’s portable mats on a massage table and was able to provide a good quality experience to my customers.
      As a Vibroacoustic practitioner I have had the opportunity to try a wide variety of products and have always found Stephen’s products to be far superior to anything else on the market. The vibro-tactile input of Stephen’s products is always “clean” which improves the therapeutic benefit and enhances the overall mind/body experience. The individual care and quality workmanship Stephen offers is second to none.
      A few years ago when I attended a workshop with Stephen and Deborah, I was able to try out the Tranquility Liquid Sound Table™ and was hooked. But it took a few years for it to work into the budget. Now that it has, there is no looking back!
      As a Neuroplastician and Naturopath, I thoroughly appreciate the neurological and physical benefits of the more accessible vibro-tactile input that is available with the Tranquility Liquid Sound Table™. As an energy practitioner, I revel in having the water of the table as a resonant assistant to my work. It has definitely expanded what I am able to do energetically during sessions.
      I would highly recommend the Tranquility Liquid Sound Table™ from Inner Soulutions. In my opinion it is the premier Vibroacoustic tool for anyone wanting to offer (or personally use) this wonderful and unique healing modality.
      ~Deb Wellmes, MA, ND

    5. Water Sound Table  star rating

      Posted by Tracey Folkard BSc.,N.D. on 11th Mar 2015

      I'm a Naturopathic Doctor practicing for 18 years. The benefits for my clients and myself have been life changing. Similar to homeopathic theory, the right vibrational frequency can be a catalyst for self-healing. Easy to use with powerful results. It sells itself with relaxation, comfort and connection to self. I love it and will thankfully be able to share the table for years to come.

    6. Immediate Results  star rating

      Posted by Dr Sarah Lane on 28th Jan 2015

      I set up the table at my clinic and I tried a session. I felt wonderful after the very first 30 minute session. More alive,vibrating, I feel it has increased my vital energy.
      All of my patients love it, it is easy to love with the experience of relaxation from vibrations. Some comments: "I am SO relaxed". "My neck pain is gone", "I am not as stiff as usual".
      I look forward to the long run, the health changes after several sessions. I've had it one month now.

    7. cutting edge  star rating

      Posted by Linda Strait. 2B Well Springfield, Mo on 13th Nov 2014

      I've had my liquid sound table for about a month now . It's wonderful! So much thought has gone into every detaiil--from the quality of the materials, the construction and also the packaging. It's just as you said Stephen--detailed instructions, so no problem in getting it set up. Thank you for your immediate responses to my emails!. I am now experiencing the many healing benefits of using the table on a regular basis and exploring the many ways it can help my clients in their healing journey. Thank you--it's obvious that you have a love and passion for this uniquely magnificent product.

    8. Tranquility Sound & Water Table  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 31st Aug 2014

      Very impressed with Stephen and the quality of the product. He kept me informed during the entire process and has responded to my every question in a timely manner. The bed couldn't be any better. After only a few days of use I've noticed significant improvement in muscle tension/spasms in my back and shoulders.

    9. Tranquility Sound & Water Table  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 30th Jan 2013

      "I have not been able to lay on my back or stomach, even to sleep, for more than 5 minutes for years. My massage therapist, Trisha, A. asked me to come and try the Sound & Water Table.
      She ended up being able to do body work on me for 45 min on my back and 45 min on my stomach.
      I was even pain free for 3 days as well." S. R., AR

    10. Tranquil Sound & Water Table  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 30th Jan 2013

      "The one that sent me over the top was their new InnerSoul Tranquility Sound & Water Table.
      It reminded me of a Samadhi Tank years ago, only much easier to use... and you stay dry. " Larry S., Hot Springs, AR

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