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  • Espresso Leather - Dark Walnut
  • Black Leather - Dark Walnut
  • Cognac Leather - Dark Walnut
  • Ivory  Leather - Dark Walnut
  • Espresso Leather - Walnut
  • Black Leather - Walnut
  • Cognac Leather - Walnut
  • Ivory Leather - Walnut
  • Espresso Leather - Black Matte
  • Black Leather - Black Matte
  • Cognac Leather - Black Matte
  • Ivory Leather - Black Matte

InnerSoul Sound Chair

$4,895.00 (You save $200.00)

    Sale on Sound Tables, Sound Chairs and VAT Frequencies & Music

    in Celebration of Sound Healing Day Feb.14

    InnerSoul Sound Chair ™

    Zensational Sound Chair - Excellent for Meditation, Personal Relaxation and Therapeutic VAT or Vibroacoustic Therapy Treatments

    Vibroacoustic Sound Chairs need an amplifier (included) and a sound source (or two) such as a CD player, Ipad or other tablet, Ipod or mp3 player, Iphone, Android phone, laptop or desktop computer, etc.

    Your Vibroacoustic Sound Chair allows you to feel the sound throughout your body as well as producing audible sound which wraps around and cocoons you. It does not have to be loud for you to feel it (although it can be loud if you like). The setup can be as simple as your Sound Chair, an amplifier and a Fiio HD Player. Your system can grow over time. Headphones, while not necessary, can be used to isolate you when you are on your Sound Chair - so you aren't interrupted. A Stereo or Surround Sound system may also be used in conjunction with your Sound Chair. We have experience with many different configurations and can share our expertise, if you ask.

    Amplifier is included with your Sound Chair.

    Options include:

    o Your choice of Walnut, Dark Walnut or Black Matte wood base.
    o Color: Black, Espresso Dark Brown, Ivory or Cognac Leather.
    o   Your choice of 4 of our VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy) Frequency tracks. (or download a pdf of our current VAT Frequencies and Music Tracks)
    o 3 Inner Soulutions Vibroacoustic Music tracks - Conscious Flight, Deep Inner Peace and Inner Alignment.
    o add one of 3 optional Headphones.

    Optional Audio Packages:

    HiDef Player Audio Package includes:
    Fiio HD player, 16gb micro SD Card, Shure 440 Headphones, Headphone Amp, 5 extra Frequency Tracks (Your choice of 9 VAT Frequencies and 3 VAT Music tracks) plus necessary patch chords and setup instructions.  add $450
    Tablet Audio Package plus all 49  MP3s, FLAC or M4a loaded on SD card  - add $940

    ----- A mixer allows for any music to be mixed with VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy) Frequencies. It allows you to control the level of the frequencies as well as the level of of the music. It also allows for headphones to be used for music while music and frequencies are playing in your Sound Table.

    Mixer Audio Package  allows you to play VAT Frequencies along with any type of music at the same time. Package includes:
    Two Channel Mixer, 2 ea. Fiio HD players, 2 ea. 16gb micro SD Card, Shure 440 Headphones, 11 extra Frequency Tracks (Your choice of 15 Total) plus necessary patch chords and setup instructions. up instructions. add $620
    Mixer Audio Package plus all all 49 MP3s, FLAC or M4a loaded on SD cards  - add $984

    Mixer alone
    (with patch cords and setup info) add $120

    All 49 MP3s, FLAC or M4a  - add $536


    Audio Packages available in US and Canada only due to 120 voltage. Sound Chairs are not voltage dependent and will work worldwide.
    If outside the US, we can recommend to you where to purchase the proper audio equipment locally.

    - Upright Dimensions 43"L X 31"W X 47" High
    - Reclined Dimensions 63"L X 31"W
    - Reclined Headrest Height 26"
    - Reclined Footrest Height 31"
    - Seat Width 23"
    - Maximum Load Weight 400 lbs
    - Required Recline Clearance is 9"

    Shipping to continental US destinations - curbside - included. Inside delivery available at added cost.

    Please contact us regarding shipping outside the Continental US.

    Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for us to finish your Sound Chair due to Covid / supply chain uncertainties.

    Vibraoacoustics - The Sound Way to Quality of Life - www.InnerSoulutions.com (03:40)
    Short Power Point Presentation of Vibroacoustics, Sound Tables, Sound Chairs, Sound Mats, Liquid Sound Tables and Inner Soulutions, www.InnerSoulutions.com and www.Vibroacoustic.org
    • Vibraoacoustics - The Sound Way to Quality of Life - www.InnerSoulutions.com
      Short Power Point Presentation of Vibroacoustics, Sound Tables...

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    1. Great Product!  star rating

      Posted by Deb Wellmes on 28th Jul 2016

      I have assisted two (2) facilities purchase VAT Sound Chairs from Stephen. One place was a skilled nursing facility. The Director was looking for an alternative to medication for their Alzheimer residents as well as some of their folks who suffered from chronic pain. The second place was a day program for severely (physically and cognitively) disabled adults. On both occasions he delivered a superb product!
      The chairs are extremely comfortable and provide a very clean Vibroacoustic experience. The fact that they are true zero gravity chairs further enhances the relaxation response for most people.
      I have purchased products for facilities and for my use in a healing practice. Always, Stephen comes through with a great, well-made product. It is obvious the love and care he puts into each piece he makes.

    2. Sound Chair is Awesome!  star rating

      Posted by Jessica, Massachusetts on 20th May 2013

      A relaxing and calming experience (and who among us could not use a good stress buster?) This chair is fast becoming a treasure in our household--a true gem. Highly recommended.

    3. Sound Chair  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 30th Jan 2013

      "The Chair exceeded our expectations, as we have found that we can relax so much you just let go of stresses to the point you start living in a more relaxed fashion. It’s new level of relaxation I suppose. My husband uses it every day before he goes to work and has been having great business ideas come to him and comes up with different approaches in dealing with issues and resistance with people at work, so rather than coming home cranky about a situation he has turned it around to positive dealings.. He attributes the Chair to greater calmness and clearer thinking and become more visionary. He is a Chartered Accountant and so a mainstream type of person." - Julia, Australia

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