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What are Vibroacoustic Resonant Frequencies with Subharmonics?

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Today I completed three new VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy) tracks. They are made to address back issue dealing with pulled, stiff or spastic muscles due to exertion, injury or muscle disorders, like my wife’s Dystonia. They contain the resonant frequencies and subharmonics of muscles and vertebrae of the Upper, Middle and Lower Back.

My wife, Deborah, has a muscle movement disorder called dystonia, which causes involuntary, rather severe muscle spasms in her back, shoulder and neck for over 45 years. She has used vibroacoustics to help reduce the pain and calm the spasms for over 15 years now. She has seen a reduction in the severity of her condition using vibroacoustics and the only meds she takes is an occasional Aleve. Due to some recent, unexpected stress, she has experienced a flare up of spasms in her back and asked me, “Why do we not have frequencies specifically for the Upper, Mid and Lower back?” I immediately went to work to remedy that.

The vibroacoustic frequencies for the back are designed to address specific muscles one at a time and then the vertebrae in the area. Each muscle is massaged and relaxed by their resonant frequencies when used with vibroacoustic equipment, such as our InnerSoul Sound Table or Sound Chair. Traditional VAT frequencies use one frequency in the 35 – 90 Hz range for just over 20 minutes, giving the body an internal massage. This traditional way of using VAT frequencies in this range has been found to be very effective.

I began experimenting with the use of specific resonant VAT frequencies and their sub-harmonics 12 years ago because the technology of the transducers we use in our sound tables, mats and chairs will deliver the important tactile vibrations throughout this low end range and up to approximately 1200 hz. The physical sensations created by the frequencies in the upper range are more subtle than those in the lower range. This is because the lower frequencies have longer, slower waves that are more easily felt. The mid to higher frequencies become progressively shorter and faster as you go higher. These do not consciously feel as strong to our physical perception, yet they still have a wonderful effect.

When creating a track for a specific issue, in this case for a particular muscle, I used the base frequency of the specific muscle, which in most cases is a higher frequency. Our muscles have resonant frequencies that range from 50 – 1000 Hz. I then octavize the frequency, taking it down octave by octave so that there are resulting frequencies in the 35 – 90 Hz range. These tracks are then blended and wonderful over tones are also created. This is what allows the VAT Frequency tracks to be used in any VAT equipment, even those with limited range transducers.

Feedback - "I was so impressed and grateful for the relief after just one 30 minute run of the Upper Back Muscle Frequency CD. I had incredible muscle tension resulting from increased muscle spasm activity near my shoulder blade and neck for several days, due to recent unexpected stress. The tension has diminished greatly and I can breathe deeply with ease again. Awesome!" - Deborah D.

It turns out that this works quite well.

- Stephen

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