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Carey Davidson on Integrated Healthcare and Vibroacoustic Therapy

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Alexa Jaccarino stopped by Tournesol Wellness in NYC and wrote of her experience on the Liquid Sound Table as well as the Integrative Primary Care model that Carey Davidson has instituted there. 

Alexa'a article starts out: "Last week I had the great fortune of trying one of the only water (Liquid Sound) tables for Vibroacoustics (vibration and sound) therapy that are located here on the East Coast, at Tournesol Wellness in midtown Manhattan. In fact, before last week I hadn’t even ever heard of vibroacoustics. It’s a naturopathic therapy– helpful for things like anxiety and stress, arthritis, symptoms of Parkinson’s, insomnia, migraines, and more– that led to some of the most immediate and intense physical relaxation and peace that I’ve experienced.

When I stood up from the water (Liquid Sound) table– which is like a thin water bed laid atop a hard table– after a half hour, I felt as though I’d taken a deeply restorative yoga class and had a massage concurrently. The buzzing, energetic feeling stayed with me straight through until nighttime, which I noticed especially when I laid down that night to sleep; it was as if tension I hadn’t even realized I was carrying in my lower back had suddenly dissipated...."

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