Sound Tables, Vibroacoustics and Chiropractic - Interview with Carlos A. Perez, D.C

Sound Tables, Vibroacoustics and Chiropractic - Interview with Carlos A. Perez, D.C

Dr. Carlos Perez, D.C. has had one of our InnerSoul Sound Tables for just over a year. His Chiroparactic practice is located in Merrimack, NH at SOMA Holistic Therapy Center.  Patti Schippani, LMT, Owner of the center intoduced him to Sound Tables. She has had one of our Sound Tables since 2005. 

The following is Dr. Perez's interview:


Q - Carlos, you have one of our Folding Sound Tables. How is it working out for you?

A - I love my Folding Sound Table. I purchased it a little over a year ago and use it with all of my clients on a daily basis. The Sound Table is working better than I expected and all of my clients love the experience of the low frequency sound and how their bodies feel during and after a session.

Q - How has using the InnerSoul Sound Table changed things for you and or your clients in your chiropractic practice?

A – First of all, my approach towards Chiropractic care is different than traditional manipulation-based practitioners. I employ a variety of soft-tissue therapies in addition to joint mobilization and manipulation therapy. The first thing I noticed was that within a few minutes of laying on the table, the overall muscle tone decreases and it makes the work I do feel easier with less resistance from the client. I often find my self joking with my clients telling them that the Sound Table is my assistant and partner in therapy, so that when you come in for a session it may feel like there are two people working on you instead of one. In addition, I find that it has helped to create noticeable and measurable change with non-structural issues whether it be endocrine or emotional in nature. I enjoy having more to offer my clients than I had before I purchased my Sound Table.

Q - Can you share some of the comments and reactions by your clients in regards to their sessions on the Sound Table?

A – Most clients will start out by saying, "Man, I love this table! I wish I had one to sleep on at home." That statement is usually followed by a deep breath or two and then they start to almost melt onto the table so that I can work on them. For some clients, the experience almost feels out-of-body in a good way and they come back feeling renewed and refreshed. A few clients here and there, tend to fall asleep even if I am doing moderately deep body work which is always a great feeling to know they have reached such a deep level of relaxation during a session. Recently, I had a client tell me that the vibrations they felt had them seeing colors and feeling a sense of clarity on a family issue they had been challenged with during the last few weeks. I recall using the Seven Chakra Balancing frequencies during that session and that is often a common experience clients will express whenever I use that particular track and do energy work with them.

Q - What kind of setup do you have with your table in your treatment room (external speakers, headphones, etc). ?

A – My setup has changed a bit since I first purchased the table a year ago. I used to use a simple mp3 docking station with my iPod and had playlists set up which I would either run as a loop or as a shuffle depending on the client. Within a few months, I upgraded my therapy room speakers to a Bose system and I will often play complementary sounds or music through those while the table runs the Vibroacoustic frequencies that I purchased from Inner Soulutions. Depending on the session, I may play Tibetan Singing Bowls, or run Nature Sounds, or other healing sounds to complement the table frequencies. On select occasions, I will also use a set of noise-cancelling headphones during the session and just let the client lay on the table while listening to the sounds. Ultimately, I would love to have a surround sound setup with wall mounted speakers playing from each corner of the room to create a cocoon of sound. All in due time.

Q - What music do you like to use?

A – That is a question I get asked most often by clients and it's a hard question to answer. It really depends on the client that is here and on what shows up during a session. There have been many times where I planned on using a structural frequency and then within a minute or two of working on that client, I would switch to a Meridian frequency. It follows an intuitive approach to say the least. However, if I absolutely had to pick my top three tracks, I would have to say (1) Conscious Flight, (2) Bone Mender, and (3) Seven Chakra Balancing.

Q - Do you also use VAT frequencies with your work. If so, would you please tell us about that?

A – Looks like I answered this question above :) As far as general music goes, I like the way Tibetan Singing Bowls play through the table and for that I would have to say my favorite is 33 Bowls - Tibetan Singing Bowls - Morning Rain.

Q - Would you say that the sound table has helped to increase your Client base?

A – My client base was already quite large before I purchased the table, but now there are many clients coming in to see me to experience the sound therapy in addition to the other work that I do on a regular basis.

Q - How do you market the table?

A – I have used Social Media as the main way to market the table. I have found some great articles on sound therapy, cymatics, and use a lot of the research findings to share with my audience. It has created a broader understanding of how the music we listen to affects us on all levels. More of my clients now have become more selective to what they listen to and many of them ask me for recommendations on sound therapy they can use for different health-related issues.

Q – You have developed The Biomatrix Method. Please tell us about it?

A – Along with my partner Patti Schippani, who was the first person that introduced me to Sound Tables, we have developed a method that we teach to body workers called The BioMatrix Method. This method is a system of working with the body on all levels that teaches the modern practitioner how to incorporate concepts in energy healing and informational medicine with classical manual therapy techniques. In a way, we describe as working on the body while working "off the body". As manual therapists, we can often be limited when we work only on the physical level. Our method changes the way practitioners use their existing skills and teaches them to feel the subtle energy patterns associated with physical tissue restrictions and in a sense, play with the patterns in the Field also known as The BioMatrix. Within minutes, most practitioners can feel a change on the physical level by connecting and playing with the patterns on the holographic and subtle energy level. We developed an instructional video and plan on teaching seminars in the New England region starting in the fall. For more information, you can visit and follow us in Facebook and Twitter.

Q - Carlos, is there anything else you would like to share with us?

A – Overall, as a practitioner of Chiropractic for 12 years, the greatest investment I ever made in my practice was the purchase of my Sound Therapy Table from Stephen Deuel (Inner Soulutions). My clients absolutely love the table and it has changed the way I practice to such a point that I plan on offering sound therapy sessions to the public as stand-alone sessions in the near future. I highly recommend Stephen Deuel and his Sound Tables to any practitioner that is looking to enhance and expand their practice and provide their clients with profound experiences using Sound Therapy. Thank you for all you have done to help so many practitioners and clients throughout the world, Stephen.

Thank you so much, Carlos :)