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There has been a common question people have asked us over the years and it is, “What inspired Stephen to become involved with the building of Vibroacoustic Sound Tables?” It was during the time frame Stephen and I first became acquainted with each other.  I was previously introduced to a version of a sound table in 1998, which at the time used inexpensive car audio technology. Immediately, I was aware of the effect it had on my body. Since the age of ten, I have been dealing with a muscle movement disorder called Dystonia. I noticed that the muscle movements slowed somewhat while I was on the table. This was very hopeful to me in regards to managing the stress and pain involved with this disorder.

During the time frame of getting acquainted, Stephen had also seen this rudimentary version of a sound table and could see the potential.  In 2000, Stephen’s desire to help me find pain relief from my spasms inspired him to create our sound table. His knowledge of woodworking assisted him to make the table strong enough to withstand long term vibration and hand crafted to be a beautiful piece of furniture. Friends in the alternative healing arts began to request tables and Inner Soulutions was born and our journey began.

Already a practitioner of energy and sound modalities, Stephen immersed himself in the field of vibrational healing and developed his own range of experiences and information. Combing his personal results and the existing research into vibroacoustic technology, his passion for helping people was ignited. He began to create tables that utilized the best technology that was available to create optimum vibration with the cleanest sound quality. Transducer technology offered this and the InnerSoul Sound Tables were created.

I was always eager to test the different table formats and noticed that repeated use of the table was having a cumulative positive effect on my condition. After several months, I was noticing that my body was relaxing more and more while on the table. I also noticed my ability to hold this relaxation after being on the table became longer and longer. Over the years, through the use of this technology, I no longer have some of the smaller movements and the shaking and have minimized my overall pain. I will share more of my personal story in this book, in the section pertaining to pain management.

Building vibroacoustic tables is not just a business for us. Vibroacoustic Therapy is a passion and a way of improving the quality of life, ours, as well as many others. Stephen continually researches into new technology and in 2006 expended into the producing of Vibroacoustic Frequencies for research and therapeutic use. Today, along with son Chris (a talented musician) who writes vibroacoustic music for expanding consciousness, the journey continues. Providing quality products, personalized customer service and staying on top of the changing technology are what drives the business aspect for Stephen; but knowing how vibroacoustics has enhanced the quality of not only my life, but of those who use the tables, this is what makes his heart sing.

Providing a vehicle (that Stephen refers to as ‘a sacred healing instrument’) to assist practitioners of all types of healing modalities and to hear and share the wonderful, often miraculous stories from their clients is a joy that gives great meaning and purpose to us both. The ability to create quality, custom vibroacoustic products and to share the success stories and information as it develops is a large part of the motivation that gets us fired up every day.

This book offers information on the uses and benefits of vibroacoustics, but more importantly it shares the stories of practitioners and their clients and how the use our vibroacoustic tables, mats or chairs has changed their quality of life. They share their modalities, the music or frequencies they use, and even how they market themselves. These practitioners share this information with open hearts and a desire to inspire others to find hope and relief through this technology.

The ultimate goal of all those involved …
                                                           A better quality of life!

We hope you enjoy the book.

Deborah Deuel. NHC
Director - Inner Soulutions LLC
Since 1999, Building Quality of Life, One Sound Table at a Time!

The above is the forward from Stephen's book, "Vibroacoustics - Harmonize Your Life with Sound"


InnerSoulutions. com  and Vibroacoustic.org are both our sites. We created Vibroacoustic.org about 15 years ago. There is a lot of information and many, many pages that go deep into the site... We created InnerSoulutions.com (this site) a couple of years ago with the hope that it would be easier to navigate as well as easier to order.

If you have a question - please do not hesitate to contact Stephen. He is not a "salesman" - he has a wealth of information about "Sound Tables" and Vibroacoustics - that which let's his "Heart Sing" and shares in a non-pushy way : )

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Stephen Deuel

Managing Director Inner Soulutions LLC - Member of the International Society for Vibroacoustics, Sound Healers Association and Sound Healing Network and a Vibroacoustic Consultant and researcher with over 25 yrs. experience in Alternative Sound & Energy Healing. 

Stephen is an acoustical engineer that focuses on product design. He is the developer and manufacture of InnerSoul Sound Tables, Chairs, Mats and the Liquid Sound Table. He and Inner Soulutions have been creating "Sound Tables" since 1999. He has been working with sound therapies since 1987. "My work with sound led me to research and develop a high quality vibroacoustic body work table for my own needs. In the late 1990's, I began manufacturing and refining the tables, taking advantage of new technologies as they have become available. In the tables that we build, vibroacoustic technology is utilized with music and frequencies that introduce deep relaxation and vibrations to the body designed to help the client regain balance and health at a cellular level."

Stephen has grown Inner Soulutions by treating his clients better than he would wish to be treated, which some view as a rather novel concept in today's world. He creates sacred healing tools intended to raise the consciousness or vibration of all who use them as well as enhance the Body - Mind - Spirit connection.

Stephen is a leading authority, Teacher, Lecturer and Innovator on Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) which applies sound and frequencies you can feel to the body for therapeutic treatments, balance, self-empowerment and spiritual awakening.

Innovator of sound energy workshops: Tools for Ascension (activating energetic geometries within the personal grid for spiritual empowerment), Vibrational Technologies (ascension frequency tuning forks & grid geometry activations for balance, empowerment and awakening) and Vibroacoustic Technology. Stephen completed The Sound Healing Audio Production course (Globe Institute, SF) and also produces experimental Vibroacoustic Therapy Frequency (VAT) CDs and Vibroacoustic Music CDs.  is the developer and manufacture of InnerSoul Sound Tables, Chairs, Mats and the Liquid Sound Table.

Chris Deuel

Chris has over a decade of experience composing music for vibroacoustic playback systems. He has honed his craft through studying composition at SUNY Fredonia and University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where he was exposed to modern approaches to creating music. He also holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Buffalo State College. Chris specializes in creating sonic journeys that blend previously disparate genres into a coherent expression of emotions. His music is intended to be the soundtrack to the listener’s ever deepening journey towards self-realization.

Deborah Deuel
Director Inner Soulutions LLC, Deborah has been a Natural Health Consultant since 1995 and now specializes as a Spiritual Facilitator, Teacher, Lecturer and Author on human nature and spiritual awakening. Deborah draws on her conscious awareness and experiences of her multi-dimensional self. Deborah’s spiritual and metaphysical experiences trace back to early childhood. She has been consciously aware of her interaction with the Eternal Masters in the Inner Wisdom Temples since 1997 and has counseled many on becoming aware of their own multi-dimensional gifts and attributes. Deborah, a Reiki Master, has studied a variety of energy modalities and has been a Sound & Energy Practitioner for 15+ yrs. and together with Stephen present experiential workshops, lectures and personal sessions across the US and in Canada.

Deborah's first book, Transcending Human Nature: Exploring the Human/Spiritual Journey of All that We Are,explores the dynamics of human behaviors and how those behaviors can influence our personal spiritual evolution, as the author weaves her personal journey and experience throughout the chapters. We are all endowed with certain human qualities that are influenced and shaped by our external environment and our experiences as we grow up. This book takes a look at the different behaviors with an alternative perspective based on the author’s experience and spiritual evolution.

Deborah is also a graduate of the New York School of Interior Design and is available as consultant on Sound Room design projects.


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